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4# Polo week 2017 – Brieuc Rigaux

Last name: Rigaux First name: Brieuc Handicap: 6 What do you remember of 2016: A very full year, first because it was my first year at 6 of handicap. A new status, a first season in Argentina. I feel I have taken an extra step in my career. What you would like to...

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3# Polo week 2017 – Clément Delfosse

Last name: Delfosse First name: Clément Handicap: 5 What do you remember of 2016: What I remember most is to have played with my best friend Patrick Paillol, with whom I had not played for 5 years. I also remember to have torn an abductor after a big fall. My end of...

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2# Polo week 2017 – Facundo Sola

Last name: Sola First name: Facundo Handicap: 8 What do you remember of 2016: A very good year in terms of horses and organization, both abroad and in Argentina. Personally I felt good too. I am very happy. What you would like to improve in 2017: To start winning! We...

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Lucio Landa reveals himself

First name: Lucio Last Name: Landa Age: 32 Profession: Photographer Since when are you a professional photographer? I could not tell you exactly but since about 3 years. Where did this passion for photography come from ? If I told you since I was young I would be...

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